About us
In the year 1985, when Bro. B Porselvan Asir and other Students of Tuticorin College prayed , God gave a burden and a vision to reach villages where there are no churchs in Tamil Nadu and the backslided and lukewarm churches. With this vision, in 1987 Grace ministries was started. Ever since the start of this ministry, Bro Porselvan Asir has been a missionary. Right now there are more than 105 missionaries. There are only 6% Christians in Tamil Nadu. There is not even a single believer in thousands of Tamil villages. For example, there is no Church in 400 villages of the Virudhunagar District out of the 598 villages

God’s plan for us

  • To meet villages & towns with Jesus and for Jesus
  • To form worship groups in the villages where there is no Christians or Churches.
  • To establish mission fields and send missionaries.
  • Medical camps and family camps.
  • Literature evangelism (Book, Cassettes etc)
  • Our monthly magazine "Aathuma Aathayagar"
  • Wonder ministry in villages where there is no Church.
  • VBS ministry in villages where there is no Church.
  • Revival camps and training camp.
  • Youth and Children camp.

Auxiliary Ministries

  • Young Soul Winners Mission - Special ministry among the youth, students
  • Tabernacle of God Ministries - Prayer, revival and evangelical work
At present we have

Mission fields 54
Missionaries 105
Villages without churches met by our missionaries 900+
Worship groups 90
Churches built 25
God given lands for Building churches 8
Need of Missionary house in mission field 2
Churches under construction 4

Our Goal

Evangelism in Tamil villages followed by evangelism throughout India

We have 54 mission stations. From there we do our missionary work in more than 900 villages where there are no churches. From one mission station our missionaries do their missionary work not less than in eight villages.

Our mission is working in India with the vision of “First Reach the Unreached Tamil Villages then Other States of India”. Now we are serving the Lord in the districts following – Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Viruthunagar, Madurai, Trichy, Ramanadhapuram, Coimbatore, Erode & Tirupur of Tamilnadu.

VBS Ministries

Regularly every year in the month of April and May, we are conducting VBS in villages where there is no church. This year we planned to conduct VBS at 300 villages, but we conducted at 317 villages. For one VBS we spend Rs.3000/- in average. This year we planned to meet 15000 children but by God’s grace we met more than 17000 children. In the coming year we have planned to meet 17000 children through VBS ministry. We planned to conduct 300 VBS’s in the villages

This year we have conducted training for VBS volunteers at 12 centers. At every center, an average of 25 volunteers is trained by God’s grace. Only in few villages we met opposition. But in all the other, our missionaries enjoyed the open door for the Gospel among the children.

Youth Camps

Every year we select more than 20 village centers to conduct Youth Camps (One day Camp). Attendants of the camp will not be less than 100 and the maximum would be 350 in numbers (We provide noon meals for the camp attendants). For one camp we are spending Rs.7000 if 100 - 150 youths attend. For this year (April – March) also we have planned to conduct 20 camps for youth. This year we have conducted 2 camps for youth at Korampallam and Pottaloorani village, Tuticorin district.

Children Camps

Every year we plan these children camps (One day camp) as follow–up ministries to VBS. For every camp, the children’s attendance will fall within the range of 100 in number to 600 (For this camp also we provide noon meals for the children). For one camp we are spending Rs.7000. For this year (April – March) we have planned 20 children camps in rural areas.

Students Camp

We conduct student camps merely for students. Few of them are conducted in common place, many in schools and colleges.

If we conduct the camp in common place, then it is supported financially by our ministry. If in schools and colleges, they themselves take care of the finance.

Students Counseling Meet

Every year we meet more than 50 schools (Govt. & Private Management, Hindu & Christian Schools) and few colleges. On our expenses counseling sessions are conducted to the students on subjects like study, counseling, mannerism, time management, etc. We do this apart from Gospel work. For this, we have counseling booklets in small size for free of cost. This year we have conducted 26 students counseling meet in Govt. School, 13 in Private management schools, 9 in Hindu schools & 16 in Christian schools.

Medical Camps

We regularly conduct medical camps at 3 villages every month. One voluntary male doctor, Dr.U.Shemrajan M.D (sidha) and one voluntary female doctor, Dr. Jemimah M.B.B.S are doing this work.

The villages are Aandaal Nagar, SriMoolakarai and Thattaparai. In these villages we have built missionary churches.

Social Activities

  • Regular help for the poor
  • Now we are supporting four families every month.(Every month Rs.400/-)

Other Activities

  • Meeting mentally handicapped children home and feeding them monthly once and giving medical support to poor by cash etc.

Missionary Church Building

So far we have constructed 25 churches in Aandaal Nagar, Srimoolakarai, Thattaparai of Thoothukudi District, Appaneri, Maipaarai, Alagapapuram of Tirunelveli District, Mukootumalai, Pullakavundanpatti, N.Thiruvengadapuram, Chennalkulam, Panduthanpatti, Pullaalakottai, Muthaandiaapuram, Jameensalvarpatti, and Sattur Rural of Virudhunagar District.

Missionary Church Land:

Totally 8 lands are available for building the church
  • Ayyaneri, Thiruvengadam,Azhagappapuram*, Tirunelveli District
  • Nalli, Kanithevanpatti Virudhunagar District
  • Petmanagaram, SriMoolakarai*, Thataparai*, Tuticorin District
  • Thotipalayam, Tripur District
  • Sholavanthan, Madurai District
Note: The churches in villages Azhagappapuram, Srimoolakarai and Thattaparai have to be extended.

Mission Fields

There is 54 Mission stations situated in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Virudhunagar, Trichy, Coimbatore, Tirupur and Erode Districts. Worship Centers More than 90 worship centers are in 54 mission fields.

Family Camps

We are conducting one day family counseling camps at churches and common places. Atleast 5 camps are conducted every year.

Crusades in Villages

In every field we are conducting 2 crusades every year. In a village where there is no church we are conducting 2 days crusades. For one crusade we are spending Rs.3000.

  • Monthly Magazine – "Aathuama Aathayagar"(Tamil)
  • Devanai Thuthipom Vaarungal (Tamil)
  • En Aathumaavae Kartharai Sthothari (Tamil)

Training Camps for Missionaries and Volunteers:

We conduct training camps for missionaries and volunteers at various places. Tabernacle of God: Formerly it was a cinema theatre. Now it became a Prayer Hall. The total building and the land was donated by the owner to our mission when he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour.

Annual Camp

Every year in the month of May, we are conducting 3 days annual camp at various places, from the year 1989. This year we conducted the camp at Florence Swainson Hr.Sec School for the deaf, Palayamkottai. We call it as Tri Camps because three different camps are conducted in same venue in the same dates.
  • Joyous Camp for Children
  • Victorious Camp for Youth
  • Power Camp for Families

Prayer Ministry

We are conducting regular monthly Fasting prayers in Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Virudhunagar, Trichy and Tripur Districts. And also 3 days fasting camps are conducted in common camp sites. Every year August 15th (Independence Day of our Nation) we conduct 24 hour fasting camp. Every year we are conducting a month long fasting prayer program in the month of August.

Present Need

  • In Chinnakalanpatti village, Trinelveli District, families have accepted Jesus and worshiping in a house. In this village there is no other church. Now we have planned to purchase a building with 5 cent land at 3 Lakhs
  • At Ottrukuzhi, Erode District, we planned to purchase a land with a building of 4.5 cents at Rs 4 Lakhs. In this village there is no other church.
  • At Paetmanagaram, Tuticorin District, we planned to purchase a land of 25 cents for church at the cost of 3 Lakhs. We have given an advance of Rs. 50000. In this village more than 10 families are worshipping. This village is specially packed with muslim people. They are coming for prayer secretly. Please pray for this village
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